7 ways to say “I agree” in English

7 ways to say “I agree” in English

Life is fair because it is unfair to all, isn’t it?

I guess you seem to agree with me on that point.

And when it comes to agreeing with someone, saying ‘I agree’ over and again can make your conversation boring and monotonous.

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I am sure you would have got the idea till now what this chapter is all about.

Well, in case you don’t, today we will learn about 7 different ways how you can show your agreement with the other person without using the usual phrase over and again ‘I agree’. So without further ado, let’s get down to the business:

7 ways to say ‘I  agree’ in English

Infographic Presentation

Expression 1
  • Explanation: You can use this when you agree with the other person with no qualification, restriction, or limitation.
  • John: He failed because he has not read even a single chapter.
  • Ben: Absolutely!
Expression 2
You can say that again
  • Explanation: It is used when you agree with the other person’s statement so much that you are willing to hear that again. It’s just a way to show how strongly you believe whatever the person has said to you.
  • Susan: I think we should take a break now. We have been working for the whole day.
  • Ben: You can say that again.
Expression 3
That’s so true.
  • Explanation: You can use this when you think the other person’s statements are up to the point and are totally correct.
  • A: It’s worthless if he tries to invest more in such a failing project.
  • B: That’s so true.
Expression 4
Tell me about it! 
  • Explanation: You can use this when you want to say that you feel the same way or have had the same experience in the past. It is a bit informal so make sure you better don’t use it in formal situations.
  • A: His boring sad songs irritate me so much.
  • B: Tell me about it!
  • A: This exercise is so exhausting.
  • B: Tell me about it!
Expression 5
I suppose/guess so.
  • Explanation: There are certain situations where you will agree but weakly. It is this situation where this phrase ‘I suppose so’ comes in handy. You can use this phrase for weak agreements where you agree, but reluctantly.
  • A: He will get through his examination this time.
  • B: I suppose so.
Expression 6
I couldn’t agree with you more.
  • Explanation: It’s an expression to show how strongly you agree with the other person’s statement. Many a time, non-natives misunderstand the meaning of this expression as disagreement because of the use of the word ‘not’. It simply means that you completely agree with the statement.
  • A: The boss should at least give us a break this weekend.
  • B: I couldn’t agree with you more.
Expression 7
You have a point there.
  • Explanation: You can use this when the person in front is explaining you something and says a statement that you completely agree with.
  • A: Had they included their main players in the match, they would have won it.
  • B: You have a point there.

I think the information presented in this article is easy to learn, isn’t it?

What would you say?

I couldn’t agree with you more.
That’s so true.

Or something else?

Lemme know in the comment section below about your views and suggestions with the use of any of the above expressions.

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