Collocation- Nervous Wreck

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It was Thursday evening when my friend David came to my house to ask for the notes of Psychology exam which was going to be held on Saturday. I was quite baffled (confused) when he asked me for the notes because a day after was my exam.

David was nervous wreck for the fact that in case if he did not pass the exam, he would have to repeat the year once again. I had no other option but to say no to him because I also had so much to cover up. Had I given him my notes at that time, I would not have got through (click here!) my exams with good grades.

Can you guess now what this collocation meant?

And when to use it?

Yes! You are right. We use this collocation when we are extremely nervous about a person or thing.

Let’s see some of the other examples to clear out its meaning:


  •  Susan was nervous wreck after listening the news of her brother’s accident.
  •  The man was nervous wreck in front of police which made him a suspicion of the attack.

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