7 Love Idioms you should know this Valentine

7 Love Idioms you should know this Valentine

Did you fall for someone or you were smitten by them?

Or was it just a crush?

Love is in the air these days, isn’t it?

And you must be having some quality time with your partners this week.

With Valentine’s Day around the corner, I thought why not add an article to ‘The Seven Power Expression Series’ related to love and relationships.

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So without further ado, let get down to the business and learn some phraseology related to attraction and love, so you never draw a blank in your conversation this Valentine:

Infographic Presentation

Love idioms


Idiomatic Expression

Fall for someone: To be attracted to someone and start loving them.

  • I think he has fallen for Emma; he always tries to find ways to be around her.
  • We both met each other at a friend’s party and fell for each other.

Idiomatic Expression

Have the hots for someone: To have a romantic attraction towards someone.

  • The way she looked at you at my birthday party, she definitely has the hots for him.
  • He has the hots for the young lady who joined yesterday.

    Idiomatic Expression

    Have a soft spot for someone: If you have a soft spot for someone, you like them a lot.

  • He definitely has a soft spot for Susan; he keeps looking at her.
  • Did you have a soft spot for Emma during high school time?

Idiomatic Expression

Smitten with: To be strongly drawn to somebody.

  • She was smitten by him the moment she saw him at the bar.
  • Medha was smitten by Chris as she saw his football skills.

Idiomatic Expression

Love to death: Feel extremely strong affection for someone or love someone all your life.

  • The lady loved her husband to death. Even when he left him, she kept his belongings as a memory.
  • John loves Emma to death. He just can’t imagine a single day without her.

Idiomatic Expression

Have a crush on: to have romantic feelings for someone.

  • I think Ron has a crush on Emma. He always keeps on talking about her.
  • Do you have a crush on any Hollywood celebrity?

Idiomatic Expression

Have eyes only for: To be romantically interested or loyal to one individual.

  • Jane always has eyes only for Robert; she has never dated any other man.
  • Though he may not be expressive, he only has eyes for you.

Well, that’s it for today and I hope you would have enjoyed going through this lovely chapter. Make sure you learn all these idiomatic expressions off by heart and go through these expressions once again, so they become a part of your active vocabulary.

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