7 Color Idioms you may not be knowing

7 Color Idioms you may not be knowing

Life would have been so dull and boring, had there been no colors around.

Isn’t it?

Each color has its own significance and this kind of gave a vibe, why not write about colors if they are so important in our lives.

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In today’s article of ‘7 Power Expression Series’, we will learn about color expressions that you will hear being used by natives in TV series or movies.

So without further ado, let’s get down to the business and learn seven different color expressions you should know from now on:

Idiomatic Expression

  • Out of the blue
  • Explanation: To appear or happen without warning, unexpectedly.
  • Examples:
  • He came to my friend’s party out of the blue.
  • The mob came from out of the blue and started beating people on the road.

Idiomatic Expression

  • In the black
  • Explanation: If a company or person is in the black, it means they are earning some good amount of profit, or the amount of money earned is more than the money spent.
  • Examples:
  • The company is in the black since the new staff has joined in the office.
  • Our team is in the black due to our consistent hard work and dedication.

Idiomatic Expression

  • To be green
  • Explanation: Used to describe someone who is immature, or inexperienced
  • Examples:
  • You can’t expect any fast promotion if you are green in this job.
  • He is too green to be selected for the international level.

Idiomatic Expression

  • Feel blue
  • Explanation: To feel depressed or sad.
  • Examples:
  • Emma was feeling blue because she lost her pet in an accident.
  • He has been feeling blue after he fought with his girlfriend.

Idiomatic Expression

  • A white elephant
  • Explanation: a possession that is useless, especially one that is expensive to maintain or difficult to dispose of.
  • Examples:
  • This golf kit is a white elephant for me. There are no golf courts in my town.
  • My mom gifted me a CD player on my birthday, but it is a white elephant for me. I hardly have any CD, moreover, I don’t have any interest in watching movies now.

Idiomatic Expression

  • A golden opportunity
  • Explanation: An opportunity that may never present itself again.
  • Examples:
  • He was given a golden opportunity to sing with the best pop singer of our country at a live concert.
  • Ron should not miss such a golden opportunity to play at international level.

Idiomatic Expression

  • Blue blood
  • Explanation: It is used to describe someone who is born in a royal and wealthy family.
  • Examples:
  • All the blue blood were invited to the royal wedding.
  • He is a blue blood. He owns two palaces in the main town and twenty-five luxury cars.

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