Business Idioms & Expression with Context and Quiz

Business Idioms & Expression with Context and Quiz 

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Mr.Steven, the chief executive officer of one of the most trusted and reputed multinational company in Mumbai received a legal notice from the government yesterday about the growing debts of the company. He was nervous wreck (Click here!) for the fact that the company which made a killing in the whole market was now going down the drain.

A ballpark figure of loss which the company incurred in the last six months was almost $100 million”, said some of the reports by the company.

Mr.Robin, the right hand man of Steve, called up (Click here!) all the staff members and company investors for a meeting to brainstorm some ways, hoping to scale up (Click here!) the graph of growth of the company ASAP which was skyrocketing in debts and loans.

It was a no brainer that each staff member including Mr.Steven had to go an extra mile to keep the company up and running in the market. After the meeting got over, all went off to their home, but Mr.Steven went back in his office where he sat for the whole night going through all the files and documents.

He slept in his office only, wondering whether he and his members will be able to make it or the company which he has given everything to, will be lost down the line (Click here!).

Business Idioms list- with Idioms Quiz and Examples

Idiomatic Expression – Make a killing

business idioms make a killing

Meaning – To make a lot of money.


  • Jio made a killing even after giving free Internet for a whole year to all his customers.
  • Google made a killing on its launch of latest Smartphone.

Idiomatic Expression – down the drain

idiomatic expression down the drain

Meaning – destroyed or on the way to be lost or wasted.


  • No matter how hard you tried to win the match, a small mistake and everything goes down the drain.
  • The organization promised to help the poor and the needy, but now it seems to go down the drain.

Idiomatic Expression – A ballpark figure

idiomatic expression ballpark figure

Meaning – an estimated figure or amount of something.


  • I can give you a ballpark figure of what we made in the last six months, it was around $200,000.
  • A ballpark figure if I have to say, this building would be almost $25 million.

Idiomatic Expression – right hand man

idiomatic expression right hand man

Meaning – a helper or chief assistant.


  • His right hand man would be the last person you wanna ever meet.
  • I don’t know how he manages such a big multinational company without a right hand man.

Idiomatic Expression – brainstorm

idiomatic expression brainstorm

Meaning – To think about some new ideas, usually in a group to get some solution of a problem.


  • I was brainstorming if we could make some changes in the staff duty to get some positive results in the growth of the company.
  • We have to brainstorm some new ways to tackle these situations or we will have to start off (Click here!)again.

Idiomatic Expression – ASAP

idiomatic expression ASAP

Meaning – It is an acronym meaning as soon as possible.


  • We really need to take care of our environment ASAP before things get worse.
  • I really need to finish off this documentary ASAP before I get another reminder from my boss.

Idiomatic Expression – Skyrocketing

idiomatic expression skyrocket

Meaning – to increase rapidly.


  • Due to skyrocketing numbers of real time visiters, Emma upgraded her plan to premium.
  • She has seen her customers skyrocketing since she made some changes in the SEO and marketing strategies of her site.

Idiomatic Expression – No brainer

idiomatic expression no brainer

Meaning – something that is really easy and obvious.


  • It’s a no brainer that in order to achieve more, your need to work more.
  • I really don’t know why he waits for me every time to stop him from eating so much in front of others, it’s a no brainer.

Idiomatic Expression – Go an extra mile

extra mile

Meaning – to make more effort than is expected of you (usually to please someone).


  • My girlfriend often goes an extra mile for setting up (Click here!) my birthday party.
  • We really need to go an extra mile to compensate the losses we incurred till now.

Idiomatic Expression – Up and running

idiomatic expression up and running

Meaning – operating or functioning properly.


  • Though it took time, the mechanic got my washing machine up and running.
  • I can’t tell you how happy I am to see my company up and running in the whole market.


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