Did you sleep in?

sleep in

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It was 7 PM yesterday when my close friend Tom dropped by (Click here!) to see if I was doing well. He knew I was under the weather (Click here!) from a month and since I recovered, he insisted me to join a gym early in the morning as it would help me get well in shape as well as help my body function effectively.

Frankly speaking, I am nervous wreck (Click here!) when it comes to doing things early in the morning.

I don’t know why he is always so pumped up (Click here!) for going to the gym, maybe because he is a gym freak (someone who is obsesses with going to the gym), but exercising that too early in the morning is definitely not my thing.

I decided to wake up next day and do some gym before anything else but since it was Sunday and my clock didn’t alarmed, so I slept in and missed my first day of the gym.

I think you would have guessed what it means and how you can too use it in context.

If not, don’t worry.


It is used when you overslept (sleep late in the morning).

  •  I could not go the gym as I slept in.
  • Susan was so exhausted after so many meetings that she decided to sleep in the next day.
  • Ben missed his bus today because he slept in.

Let me know in the comment section below if you slept in and missed any of your daily chores or plans.

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