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It was a week ago when Steve was called up for a press conference in his home town for the recent award he got. Nobody thought it would happen, but the channels which were to telecast his interview and praise his achievements, criticized for using ugly statements to the reporters. Even there was a case filed against him which took everyone aback.

His personal lawyer Adam suggested him not to reply any of the outer statements or debates until the whole controversy blows over the whole internet and magazines for the fact it could increase his complications.

Steve was totally broken down by seeing the hate comments on his YouTube channel, Twitter or Facebook.

“I did not say anything bad just like this. There were some of the people who provoked me by saying rude comments about us and my family. I could not bear that, and it all drived me up the wall (Click here!) and it all happened”, said Steve to his wife Emma.

Emma being a devoted wife could not see his husband broken down like this; hence she decided to get away to Italy with her husband so that he can get some good vibes before starting off his new movie project down the line (Click here!).

Phrasal verb- call up

call up

Meaning – to phone someone.



Phrasal verb- Take someone aback

taken aback

Meaning – To surprise someone.



Phrasal verb- Blow over

blow over

Meaning – When something blows over, it means it is forgotten.



Phrasal verb- broken down

broken down

Meaning – extremely upset.



Phrasal verb- Get away

get away

Meaning – To go on a vacation.



Phrasal verb- Start off

start off

Meaning – to begin something.



Improve your English vocabulary with these phrasal verbs and make sure you learn them off by heart so that they become you active vocabulary.

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Can you pass today’s phrasal verbs quiz?

Since you learnt some new phrasal verbs today, let's test your knowledge of phrasal verbs through this phrasal verbs quiz.
Choose the most appropriate phrase among the given options and submit to check how far you have reached in improving your English vocabulary. Enjoy!

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