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After celebrating the Christmas Eve with the family and friends, Josh decided to have a party with all his friends during these holidays. He went to city club for booking up the whole place for 27th December but the manager of the club turned it down saying he has some legal notices not to book it till 31st of this month.

The adrenaline which was earlier scaling up right away (Click here!) started to dilute, and Josh came back. Robin, one his close friends, could not see him like this so he called up(Click here!) all his friends and decided to set it all up at his home.

Since everyone splashed out a lot in their recent days, it was not possible for just one person to hold the entire party at home so everyone decided to chip in $100 for the party. Everything was set up and all came spruced up to the event.

Everyone had a blast.

Some were hitting on girls while others were enjoying their Vodka.

“I don’t know how to thank you enough for always standing by me. Thank you Robin, nobody cares that much for a friend”, said Josh.

Robin, being a true friend, did not want to spoil this cloud-nine (Click here!)  moment so he just subsided his emotions and appreciating his friend for the thanks he moved for the other tequila.

Phrasal verbs list-Phrasal verb Quiz

Phrasal verb- turn it down

phrasal verbs list turn down

Meaning – to refuse

Examples –

Phrasal verb- scale up

phrasal verbs list scale up

Meaning – increasing in intensity or number.

Examples –

Phrasal verb- set up

phrasal verbs list set up

Meaning –  to organize

Examples –

Phrasal verb- splash out

phrasal verbs list splash out

Meaning – To spend a lot on something

Examples –

Phrasal verb- chip in

phrasal verbs list chip in

Meaning – to contribute some share as a part of a joint activity.

Examples –

Phrasal verb- spruce up

phrasal verbs list spruce up

Meaning – To smarten up

Examples –

Phrasal verb – hit on.

phrasal verbs list hit on

Meaning – to flirt with someone.

Examples –

Phrasal verb- stand by

phrasal verbs list stand by

Meaning – to support whenever needed.

Examples –

Slang- had a blast

phrasal verbs list had a blast

Meaning – to have a lot of fun

Examples –

Hopefully you would have learnt a lot from today’s article and added some of these phrasal verbs from this small phrasal verbs list to your English vocabulary. Make sure you complete our phrasal verbs exercise or phrasal verbs quiz down at the bottom of this page.

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Improve your English vocabulary with these phrasal verbs list (I know it’s not that long, but the motive was to permanent them in your mind) and make sure you learn them off by heart so that they become you active vocabulary.

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Can you pass today’s phrasal verbs quiz?

Since you learnt some new phrasal verbs today, let's test your knowledge of phrasal verbs through this phrasal verbs quiz.

Choose the most appropriate phrase among the given options and submit to check how far you have reached in improving your English vocabulary. Enjoy!

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