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Steve was all spruced up (Click here!) for the party when his mother Susan was taken aback (Click here!). She was setting up (Click here!) the room and it came across $1000 from Steve’s drawer. His mother could not take this, and called up her husband to come right away (Click here!).

He didn’t know how to face all this, but since he made a mistake, he had to bear the consequences now. After a while, his father, John came and things got even more complex when his wife told about Steve stealing $1000 for party.The situation called for a strict action to be taken, for the fact it should never take place again.

Steve has his own list of excuses saying all his friends would break off with him if he doesn’t give them party tonight. Falling out for about an hour Steve ran away  from his home.

John tried to stop him and called him up (Click here!) many a times, but he hanged up the call.

Not even an hour was over when police called them up (Click here!) and told that Steve met with an accident on the city lane.

His parents,all  nervous wreck (Click here!), reached the hospital as soon as possible. “There is nothing to worry about, he is doing okay now”, said the doctors.

Steve was out of the danger but broke a leg and suffered minor injuries with which he would get over in 25 days.

He was discharged after 7 days and came along with his parents back to home. The situations indeed called for telling him off and teaching him a serious lesson for whatever he did, but his mother and father thought better to put it off till he gets over.

Steve got the vibe that he is done after he gets well and had nothing but to regret what he did.

Phrasal verbs list- Phrasal verbs quiz

Phrasal verb

come across – to find something unexpectedly

come across

Examples –

Phrasal verb

call for – it means required or demanded.

call up

Examples –

Phrasal verb

Break off – to discontinue a process or friendship.

phrasal verb break off

Examples –

Phrasal verb

Fall out – To  quarrel with someone

phrasal verb fall out

Examples –

Phrasal verb

hang it up – to disconnect a call intentionally.


phrasal verb hang up

Examples –

Phrasal verb

Get over – To recover

phrasal verb get over

Examples –

Phrasal verb

Come along – To accompany someone

phrasal verb come along

Examples –

Phrasal verb

Put something off- to procrastinate or delay something.

phrasal verb put something off

Examples –

Phrasal verb

Tell off – It means to speak angrily to someone because they have done something wrong.

phrasal verb tell someone off

Examples –

Hopefully you would have learnt a lot from today’s article and added some of these phrasal verbs from this small phrasal verbs list to your English vocabulary. Make sure you complete our phrasal verbs exercise or phrasal verbs quiz down at the bottom of this page.

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Improve your English vocabulary with these phrasal verbs list (I know it’s not that long, but the motive was to permanent them in your mind) and make sure you learn them off by heart so that they become you active vocabulary.

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