Merry Christmas to you all!


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I thought let’s break this habit today because it’s Christmas.

A very merry Christmas to you all.

I actually had to post the collocation article today but I shifted that to next Monday because I thought better to give it a break for a while and break this usual habit of posting the collocation article on Mondays. Hope you all are enjoying your day and so am I. So I didn’t wanna disturb you all but the regular blog posts because it comes only once a year, enjoy your day.

Before you just leave, lemme tell you about the recent moderation which our site has gone through.

Recently we had a small survey (I don’t know if you saw it because it was for three hours) live right here at our site. It had about 100 entries from people all around and basically it was for what could make our blog even better for each one of you.

After consideration of all submissions I personally saw each one of them and observed that most people were happy with the content and improving quite well but they complained that they are not able to practice.

Though I suggested some of the techniques which work quite well if you wanna permanent these idioms and phrases in your memory in the article: “How to learn English idioms and phrasal verbs?”, yet some people find that hard to do technique.

Since I don’t want even a single learner who doesn’t practice, I came up with the idea of a quiz after each blog (of course, wherever it is possible) and it will be there from the upcoming blog posts.

This is my Christmas present to you all. I hope you will love it.

Moreover if you would like to see how it would be, it is at last of this post Click here!.

Lemme know how it was.

Have fun, enjoy your day.

Merry Christmas once again.

Bye bye.

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