Improve your vocabulary with these idioms

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Improve your vocabulary with these idioms.

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Mrs. Watson (The class teacher) told a week ago that the school will be organizing a competition for acting and sports where there are going to be some big-shot personalities to judge and find out the real talent in us. I don’t know why, but when it comes to act and play, it is in my element.

For Joe (my close friend) it was definitely not an easy decision. He got nervous wreck (Click here!) fearing he might choke at the stage while performing. I encouraged him for a while, the next moment he was all ready, pumped up (Click here!) to take part in this competition.

Though I gave him much of the motivation so he takes part in the competition, but I really wanted that it should be his decision finally to perform at stage, so I asked him to sleep on it and then decide what he really wants to do.

I had to get to school earlier but since I slept in (Click here!), I got ready in few minutes, grabbed a bite to eat and reached the place.

The competition started and all performed as if they have been doing this for ages. Soon after the competition the results were announced which took us by surprise(surprised) when we heard that Joe won the competition. Though I did not win it, I was on cloud nine (Click here!) , maybe because one of my close friends has won it.



big shot


An important or famous person.


  •  People making it to this award function are all big-shots.
  • You really don’t wanna mess with the director, he is a big-shot.

To be in one’s element



It is used when you are completely comfortable doing something that comes very naturally.


  • Doing cardio and stretches is in Ben’s element.
  • People don’t experience any adventure or fact when they try to be in their element.

Sleep on it

sleep on it


It is used when you want the other person to think deeply about something and then give their final decision.


  • You are in anger now, sleep on it today and tell me your decision then.
  • I think you should sleep on it and then decide to quit or not, so you never regret it, after all not everyone gets to work here.

Note: It is said so because often times we react to someone/something in anger that we regret down the line. So there is a saying that if we sleep and then make a decision, it is in balanced state of mind because when something is important , making a decision after a good night sleep is a good decision.

Grab a bite to eat

grab a bite


To get something to eat.


  • Lemme grab something to eat and then we can go out.
  • Tony grabbed something to eat before office and went to his apartment right away (Click here!).

For ages

for ages


From a long period of time.


  • I have not tried basketball for ages.
  • I was surprised when a small kid performed at the event; it seemed he has been doing this for ages. 

Improve your English vocabulary with these idioms and make sure you make them your active vocabulary.

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  1. I really loved the way you put this all. This article is definitely one of the best blogs on this site as well as any English learning site. I really liked it because you first explained it with context and then explained it with pictures and examples.
    Thank you so much. People like you make it easy for we the learners to understand and improve.

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