Improve your vocabulary with these collocations

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Improve your vocabulary with these collocations

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Steve came to the house soon after the office lunch when his wife Emma told about the school reunion party the coming day. Emma was so pumped up (Click here!) for the celebration that she decided she would go with all new clothes and accessories. In hurry she gulped down the food leaving the leftovers in the fridge, took her credit card and they both left for the shopping.

Steve recently reaped the benefits of his hard work as a bonus of $2000 from the company, but it seemed all in vain (Click here!) as Emma was on a shopping spree. Steve, being a gentleman, though didn’t stop her from buying dresses but when Emma paid $5000 which was the asking price of the bangle drived him up the wall (Click here!) and he could not stay there anymore. He moved to the counter and asked the final price and checked out from the mall disappointed. Emma too, confused with what possibly could she have done, went back to her house.

  • Gulped down – It means to eat food in a hurry like you have been hungry from ages (in a bad way).
  • Leftovers – The remaining food which can be eaten later.
  • Reaped the benefits – To gain benefits of something.
  • Shopping spree – To shop excessively, or buy a lot of things in an extravagant way.
  • Asking price – The price told by the shopkeeper that you can negotiate if you want.
  • It was just five minutes for the bus to arrive so he gulped down and ran out to the station.
  • I really wish people didn’t throw the leftovers and rather gave it to the needy ones.
  • He is reaping the benefits of his hard work as the CEO of the company.
  • People often go on a shopping spree during the wedding season.
  • I didn’t buy those hair clays as the asking price was really high to pay and the shopkeeper didn’t seem to negotiate.

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