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Sundar Raman, the chief executive officer of our company was all pumped up (Click here!) for the tender which our company was most likely to get. It drived him up the wall when someone from the staff spilled the beans about the last trip we had. The project was to be submitted the next day, but as the whole staff was out for a trip on this weekend, as a result no proper reports and project was ready to hand in.

Mr.Raman called up (Click here!) the whole staff for a meeting in his room.

Panic was in the air…

No one knew what to do; everyone was on the same boat and had nothing but to pass the buck and escape this complex situation.

The submission date was the next day and in case the company failed to submit the project for the tender, it would suffer the loss of millions of dollar. The work was equally distributed among all staff members. Project completion was only possible if everyone did their share.

There was no point beating around the bush now because completion of the project was hands down not a piece of cake and time was continuously running.

Zeroing in on the details and stats, the whole staff was back to their desk for the completion of the project.


Idiomatic Expressions and their meaning


Idiomatic Expression – spilled the beans

Idiomatic Expression spill the beans

Meaning – It means to reveal a secret.
Example –

Idiomatic Expression – hand in.

Idiomatic Expression hand in

Meaning – It means to submit.
Example –

Idiomatic Expression – in the air.

Idiomatic Expression in the air

Meaning – It means everywhere, all around.
Example –

Idiomatic Expression – on the same boat.

Idiomatic Expression in the same boat

Meaning – It means to be in the same situation.
Example –

Robin: “My boss fired me yesterday.”

Ben: “No problem man, I understand. We are in the same boat.”

Idiomatic Expression – pass the buck.

Idiomatic Expression pass the buck

Meaning – It means to shift blame to the other person.
Example –

Idiomatic Expression – do one’s share.

Idiomatic Expression to do one's share

Meaning – It means to do one’s part in a group activity.
Example –

Idiomatic Expression – beat around the bush.

Idiomatic Expression beat around the bush

Meaning – It means to avoid getting to the point.
Example –

Idiomatic Expression – hands down.

Idiomatic Expression hands down

Meaning – It means definitely, without a doubt.
Example –

Idiomatic Expression – piece of cake.

Idiomatic Expression piece of cake

Meaning – It means something that is very easy to do.
Example –

Idiomatic Expression – Zero in on something.

Idiomatic Expression zero in on

Meaning – It means to aim or focus on something or someone.
Example –

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