Hello everyone out there

Welcome back to your home ‘Your English Vocabulary’- The place for every English learner who has struggled a lot with their English skills and wants to improve their spoken English and vocabulary.

How are you all doing these days?

I know it’s hard to keep one’s cool when someone disappoints you with their statement and I know I am the guilty this time.

I used to say that I will help you guys learn and improve your spoken English and vocabulary but I think I failed in two months.

It’s hard to explain the number of scenarios I have been through, but long story short, there have been so many personal issues with my co-workers plus my fluctuating health was the reason I could not write for so long.

If I wanted I could have hired any local writer to keep the blog going by paying them a few bucks, but frankly speaking I just can’t trust any local writer to write articles for this website.

Bringing out the best content and value has always been my priority since day one, hence I take full responsibility for everything and I would like to apologize for such a long delay and I will try my level best to maintain the frequency of the blog as it was before.

I hope you all understand my situation and will continue to support and love this blog as you have been doing till now.


I forgot to tell you the meaning of today’s expression ‘keep one’s cool’.

It simply means to remain calm and not get irritated or angry.

Example: It’s hard to keep my cool when someone tries to interrupt in my personal life.

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Keep learning and improving your vocabulary with ‘Your English Vocabulary’.

Till then, take care and?

Bye-bye.ukh Khan

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