Did you ‘hit the ceiling’?


Did you hit the ceiling?

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Welcome back to your home ‘Your English Vocabulary’- The place for every English learner who has struggled a lot in their English skills and want to improve their spoken English and vocabulary.


I have been absent for about more than twenty days which definitely irritated some of my dear readers who anxiously wait each day for my new blog.

It was not that I was lazy or unwilling to do my job rather it was my health which caused it. Many people texted if I was doing okay and the reason of my absence while some of them hit the ceiling for it. I could totally understand what pissed them off, after all they were here to learn more, not to wait.

So I thought to compensate some of your loss by posting a blog covering not one but many idioms and expressions. I received many positive responses in my emails for that but still many complained and were up ticked off that they like a single idiom, expression or phrasal verb a day, that too with context.

Hereby I thought I should change the concept of how I was posting and post on alternate days down the line (click here!). So forget not to give me your suggestions in my inbox through the notification email you receive (of course you receive only if you are subscribed, so in case you are not subscribed use the second option) or  the second option is you just drop the idea in the comment section below letting me know how I should post with which you can get benefited the most.

I will read the emails and suggestion and will let you know tomorrow by a notice right here at your own home- Your English Vocabulary.


• Hit the ceiling – to get very angry and upset.
• Pissed off – (informal) to get extremely irritated.
• Ticked off – (informal) annoyed and angry about something.



• My boss hit the ceiling knowing the fact that I was not present at the main conference.
• I was extremely pissed off when I heard you broke my trust again.
• Robin ticked off after his mother Susan cancelled his birthday party.

Let me know about your views and suggestions and make sure you subscribe to us so that you don’t miss any post or update.

Keep learning and improving.

Till then take care and?

Bye bye.

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5 thoughts on “Did you ‘hit the ceiling’?”

  1. It was really good blog sir. By the way as per your question I would say you post twice or thrice in a week and on different topics.

  2. That’s really a good “anger” article (hehe). Please post more like this.
    By the way you should do Idioms and phrasal verbs blogs on starting of the weekend and tips and suggestive blogs on Wednesday of every week. Like this you can cover all.

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