How I ‘got through’ my examinations?

How I got through my examination?

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Context Story: “This summer I went to Mumbai (my nanny’s place) to spend my summer vacations. I didn’t want to mess up my holidays by taking the notebooks there, so I did not bother much about my studies. I enjoyed my holidays to the fullest because I knew I would surely get through my examinations. Days passed by and soon came the semesters. The thought that I would do good in my examination has now changed to –“Will I get through this time?”

Things were still up in the air whether I will get through or not. I studied with my best possible ways I could and gave my exams. The results were declared after 10 days. I don’t know how to express my happiness but I was on cloud-nine (Click here!) knowing the fact that I got through my examinations.”

Do you get through your examinations every time?

Sorry if you are offended, I don’t doubt your intelligence but getting through my Chemistry exam during my school age seemed next to impossible.

Still don’t know what it means? No problem.

It means: To pass an examination.


  • Getting through the chemistry examination during my school age was one of the most difficult things which I have been through.
  • If you didn’t work at all, don’t expect to get through any competitive examination.

Let me know in the comment section below what subject or field you find difficult to get through.

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