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It was 4th of September when Robin was told by his father John, that they are going to Vancouver by flight at 8:00 PM the next day. He was on cloud nine (click here) as he was bored stiff in his house. His mom packed their clothes and they were all ready. They thought they would head over to airport at 4:30 PM, but at moment when they had to go, their taxi punctured due to which they had a delay of 1 hour.

“We have to get a move on, else we will miss the flight”, said John. After some time they reached the airport sharp at time anyhow and the family hence reached Vancouver to enjoy their time.


So did you see when you have to get a move on?

Yup! You got that right.

It is used to say someone to hurry up.

So it means: To hurry up.


Normal sentence: You better hurry up or you will miss the train.

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