Do you ‘face the music’?

face the music

Do you face the music?

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Context Story: “Rohan was one of the naughtiest students in my class. He used to fight on every little petty issue (small issues, which should be ignored) with everyone in his class and spent the whole time just doing these naughty things and playing video games. Soon came the pre-boards. He was still not focusing on his studies and was more involved in unnecessary activities.

Days passed by and it was the D-day, the day of high school board exams. Rohan went to many of his classmates for giving him some of their notes so that he could get through (Click here!) the examination. Alas! It was too late. He has no other option but to face the music.

Did you see why Rohan has to face the music?

Yes, you are right.

Because of his actions.

Still don’t know what it means?

It means: To face the consequences of your actions or to face a particular situation.


  • A= “I don’t know what’s wrong with my History, I bombed in it again.”

B= “Please don’t mind, your attendance in classes is even less than 25%. Now face the music and give a retest in the second semester.”

  • A= “Do you know David was hospitalized yesterday due to liver damage?”

B= “It was quite obvious. He was a regular drinker. He has to face the music now.”

Let me know in the comment section below when you faced the music in your life?

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