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Welcome back to your home ‘Your English Vocabulary’- The place for every English learner who has struggled a lot in their English skills and want to improve their spoken English and vocabulary.

Context: It’s not that I was in no mood to write any blog post anymore but the reason why I didn’t write any post was that I was a bit under the weather and extremely disturbed due to some personal issues which I feel ill at ease to talk about in a public blog post. I got about 100 emails in just seven to eight days of people asking me whether I am doing okay and the reason of my absence recently.

Guys lemme tell you something that you might not be knowing. You literally mean the world to me and I say this from my real heart core. Though I won’t promise that I will be posting regularly down the line, you can definitely rest assured that you will learn a lot by the end of this year and that I can promise.

In no mood to – not want to something.
Under the weather – not well.
Feel ill at ease – uncomfortable.
Mean the world to me – invaluable, so precious.
Real heart core – from deep down inside of my heart.
Down the line – in the future.
Rest assured – not to worry about something anymore.

• John is in no mood to go back to office anymore.
• The athlete was a bit under the weather, hence he left the series.
• Most of us feel ill at ease to completely express ourselves in front of anyone.
• His wife Gracy means the world to him that he cannot even live a day without her.
• I really love you all form my real heart core.
• Let’s see how our project goes down the line.
• You can definitely rest assured with our hotel services.

I could write about a single idiom, phrasal verb or collocation today but as you know I was absent for about few days so I tried to compensate in this blog post by not beating around the bush about any issues or any email queries rather giving you a bunch of these useful daily used English idioms which will definitely add a value to your vocabulary.


I used an extra idiom.

Don’t know what it means? Don’t you worry when I am here.

It simply means to avoid getting on the point (I used it in the context above, so don’t say now that I didn’t give any examples(ha-ha). Just kidding, keep sending your emails. I just love reading those.)

Are you missing something?


Yes, you are i.e you didn’t share and subscribe.
You didn’t subscribe?.

Do it now. Right now!

Till then take care, keep learning and?

Bye bye.

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