Phrasal verbs or idioms?

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Don’t get me wrong I know Friday is supposed to be an idiom post but, since I noticed some of people asking me about Wednesday’s post, I think it’s about time to clear things out. You might wanna ask?

What was wrong with Wednesday’s post?

Well, there was nothing wrong with it, but that post was to be published today since it was an idiom post. I could not back it up since the notification email was sent to many of the subscribers and deleting the post and posting a new one definitely not seemed the right choice to me. So I came up with this idea that I would rather write a post covering not just phrasal verbs or idioms, but both.

I am sure you will love it as it has both so keep backing up and learning.


• About time – nearly time, high time.

• Clear things out – to explain or solve the misunderstanding or confusion.

• Back it up – reverse.

• Came up with – to suggest or think of an idea or plan.

• Back up – support.



• I think it’s about time I bought a new laptop.

• Ron needs to clear things out with his wife before his married life leads to divorce.

• You just can’t back things up when they reach to the extremities.

•Dwayne came up with this idea of holding a conference every Saturday for our company’s growth.

• My mother always backs me up with my dreams and ambitions.

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Practice and learn with the techniques as I mentioned in this blog – “How to learn phrasal verbs and idioms?” (Click here if you missed it!)

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Keep learning and improving.

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  1. I know sir you may find it quite awkward but I have taken a few of the ESL courses for improving my spoken and written English but I must say what I learned there after paying is equivalent to the knowledge that I seek from you blog posts. It’s just like taking sessions of a course. The main thing was to say thank you for your valuable time you give and keep doing this. Can we talk in person?

    1. Hello Alex,
      Thanks a lot for your valuable words.
      Your words inspire us to write and keep posting.
      Keep learning and supporting.
      By the way please feel free to contact at the official email id of this website. We are always there to help you.
      Have a nice day:))

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