English idioms you start using right away.


English Idioms you should start using right away…

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Yesterday I found a 13 year old boy smoking cigarette beside me at bus stand. I felt so ill-at ease thinking about his situation down the line (Click here!), so I asked him, “Why do you smoke? You are too young to smoke.”
He smiled and said, “You don’t know about my situation.”

“You would have done the same if you have same issues like me in your life” he further added.

I wondered if what could be the issues with him which made smoke at such a tender age.

“Boy you don’t understand, in the long run you can develop a serious disease. Please don’t smoke”, I said. He waited a while and said, “You don’t need to worry about me. If the worse comes to worst, I will leave the world”.

Before I could make him understand what I was trying to, he ran away from the place.

I tried to stop him but all in vain, he almost diminished from sight. I had no other option but to regret if I could have helped him.


• Ill at ease – Uncomfortable.
• In the long run – Over a long period of time.
• Worse comes to worst – if the situation develops in the most serious way.
• Leave the world – Die.
• In vain – Of no use.


• People feel ill at ease to talk about their personal life in public.
• Though junk food might be tasty, it will affect your health in the long run.
• Though we are always here for your security, but if the worse comes to worst we will call some extra security.
• John’s grandpa left the world a week ago.
• I tried to learn from my notes I prepared, but all in vain. I could not get through.

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  1. Your blogs have so much value. Frankly speaking I just love the way you teach. Thank you sir for helping me improve my English.

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