Hey everyone out there,

Welcome back to your home ‘Your English Vocabulary’- The place for every English learner who has struggled a lot with their English skills and wants to improve their spoken English and vocabulary.

First and foremost, I will let you in on some updates why I am not able to post on scheduled days. I was extremely busy for two weeks because I am working on a series of articles which I will publish in the month of February. It basically is a series of seven chapters which I will publish regularly for seven days that cover different topics and areas (You will know when I publish them). The matter of the fact is, due to that and some of my personal work, I only posted twice a week which was more before. It may happen sometimes that I don’t post on a scheduled day, but trust me guys I work day in and out just for helping guys like you and other non-native English speaker to speak confidently like a native.

I hope you understand for not posting on scheduled days recently, so please keep supporting like you have been doing till now.

I receive emails where people sometimes complain that they can’t remember all the vocabulary and whatever they learn. All I can say is, don’t bite more than you can chew.

Improving English is not an overnight process and it definitely takes time and practices, so no matter how many courses you do or eBooks you read, the fact is, you achieve fluency only after a good amount of time you spend on speaking and vocabulary when you keep practicing.

It is for this fact that I would recommend you keep patience because no matter how many specialized courses or eBooks you go for, it will definitely require time.

Where the most people miss out?

More often than not, when people realize that idioms and phrasal verbs are the main parts of spoken English, they just Google the list of idioms and phrasal verbs and try mugging them up, so they become fluent the next day. But scouring every single page on Google won’t help you achieve your maximum fluency. It is a fact that if you learn the whole list, that too without context and practice quiz, you are more likely to forget 90% of them and I am saying this from my personal experience. Though I don’t doubt your mind, you may be one of the wisest guys in your social circle, but what I said is what facts say.

The bottom line is, stick to a few blogs that seems the best to you and follow the advice and content for noticing an improvement. And please keep patience, it never happens overnight.

It was not a normal blog, so I just casually wrote the content in one go what I really think was needed to convey my message and tell you about recent updates and how much you mean to me.

So please stick around; the upcoming articles will be full of informative content and I am sure you will love them.

Keep learning and improving.

Take care, and till then?


P.S: Bite off more you can chew- means to take more responsibility or commitment than what you can manage.

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