Difference between make up and make someone up?

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On 28th July, 2017 Joseph was married to his long time girlfriend Maria in California. As soon as I received the invitation, I took a flight from LA to California for attending the ceremony. Sources had it that there were so many complications before, which almost led to their break-up, but eventually everything got well and they made up.

We reached the church, all pumped up (Click here!) for the ceremony celebration. Emma (Maria’s sister) made her (Maria) up and brought her to the main entry place of the bride. It was the moment when the couple stood together. We all friends were on cloud nine (Click here!) seeing our friend getting married to the person he really loved the most in his life. I wish they remain happy like this forever and may god shower tons of happiness and prosperity in their life.






Note: I know some of you might be confused with ‘make up’ phrasal verb and some may even think that it’s wrong. So before you reach to any conclusion, I would like to clear all your doubts with this ‘make up’ thing. In the above context I am talking about the phrasal verb ‘make up’ which means to forgive each other and be friendly again. On the other hand the ‘make up’ you hear all the time is the noun, not a phrasal verb. That too is correct but that’s not phrasal verb.

In the example above ‘make-up’ used in “one of the best make-up artists” is a noun while ‘made Susan up’ is a phrasal verb.

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  1. I was just about to drop you a mail today for the confusion. Actually I thought you did that by mistake but after that I saw the note and I must say you really hit the point where the confusion mostly occurred and I understood the difference between the noun ‘make-up’ and the phrasal verb.
    I am gonna recommend this to my friends. I just love all your articles.
    Thank you.

    1. Anurag, I totally agree with you. I understood the meaning very well but I was a little confused with the noun and phrasal verb ‘make up’ which after reading the note section got cleared.

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