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I know you had a blast (Click here!) partying on 31st.

And some are even partying today as well.

I am okay with whatever you are doing. After all, partying isn’t bad at all.

Have fun.

Have loads of fun but this time I would request you all to help some poor people around you or at least those who are in need. Trust me it will make your whole year full of joy and happiness and you will definitely have a skyrocketing (Click here!) career down the line.

I won’t take much of your time, so here is today’s post.

We all make mistakes and fail, it’s a part of learning process, be while speaking English or the first time you drove a bike. There is no problem if you make mistakes, the bottom line is to improve down the line (Click here!), so we never make those mistakes again.

So without further ado, let’s see some of the most common mistakes non-natives make while speaking and learn:

Collocations in Use





Note: We use ‘arrive at’ for a particular place. On the other hand we could have used ‘arrive in’, had it been a bigger place like country or city.



Collocations in use (Updated part!)









The sentences in red are either grammatically wrong or unnatural to say, while the sentences in green are correct and natural way to talk about a particular situation. So make sure you correct these mistakes if you are making any of them.

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