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My wife spends so much of my salary on shopping and all.
My wife spends an awful lot of my salary on shopping and all.

Collocation: awful lot

Meaning: more than expected, usual, normal, etc.

 The company is expecting an awful lot of sale this year.
 We are getting an awful lot of positive response since we started posting frequently.

I am so much certainly of what he is saying is truth.
He is almost certainly saying truth.

Collocation: almost certainly.

Meaning: almost definitely.

 The company’s downfall is almost certainly the result of their wrong investments.
 He will almost certainly suffer in the long run for the habits he has developed now.

 Robin is so much ill for a month from typhoid.
 Robin is seriously ill for a month from typhoid.

Collocation: seriously ill.

Meaning: very sick.

 John’s grandpa was seriously ill for about a year from liver disease before he left the world (Click here!).
 Aryan took a break from his office as he was seriously ill from a month.

He got back to home totally safe without any sort of problem.
He got back home safe and sound.

Collocation: safe and sound.

Meaning: not harmed, hurt or damaged in any way

 The soldiers got back to their home safe and sound after days of battle with the enemies.
 Though going for such a long trip was risky, we got home safe and sound.

Please don’t move from here till the time I come back.
Please stay put till I am back.

Collocation: Stay put.

Meaning: To remain in the same place.

 The officers told the family to stay put till they investigate the whole place.
 Make sure you stay put till I bring some popcorn for us.

The sentences in red are the ones which are often used by non-natives, while on the other hand the sentences in green are the sentences how a native would say the same sentence which is more correct and natural.

The sentences in red might be correct in some cases but the main motive is to make these collocations as a part of your active vocabulary and sound more natural.

So learn these collocations by heart using examples as context and try using it in your own spoken English.

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