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My name is Shivam Singh and I am the editor as well as the main handler of this website. For about 8 years I struggled a lot with my Spoken English and vocabulary which made me scour the web day in and out. I used to learn few things from every page and website claiming to have provided English knowledge and fluency. I was on cloud-nine every time I used to find a new website and people who could help me with my English skills, but the byproduct of tons of research and spending so many hours was an eBook or a so called ‘Programs’ (better not to name but you must have seen) of hundreds of dollars which used to make me jump to another website because further access was only possible when I signed up for their programs or eBooks. Finally I purchased an online course and I won’t say it was bad, but it was not that wide which could cover every issue, hence the bottom line- Buy another course for the remaining one.

During the college time I discussed this issue with my English professor-Sunita ma’am and here is when this home for all English learners ‘Your English Vocabulary’ was born. Most of the articles are contributed by her and I blend that with my experience of 8 years, hence making this page a free source of knowledge for all the people who want to enrich their active vocabulary and improve their speaking skills. Our team manages other things like emails and other necessary things for site management, so we won’t be ever mentioning just one name in our articles rather we believe in keeping it the name of all English learners home ‘Your English Vocabulary’.

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