Do you like football?

Yeah, I like it.

What about acting?

I like that too.

Do you like cricket?

Yeah, I like it.

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Welcome back to your home ‘Your English Vocabulary’- The place for every English learner who has struggled a lot with their English skills and wants to improve their spoken English and vocabulary.

Well, it sometimes becomes so boring when you have to use a single expression or phrase over and again; moreover, it kind of turns off the person in front to continue any further conversation. And I just don’t wanna see you in any of such situations. So I was busy developing this series of chapters which covers different ways to say something so that your conversation never becomes so boring and meaningless and you can always have an edge on others while you chat.

I was confused if how many expressions should I include in a single chapter because some people get confused when you throw them loads of information at once, so I considered an average number seven which was neither less now more to learn, hence came the name – The Seven Power Expression Series, which would cover seven different ways you can get across your message to the person in front.

And I know my readers are wise enough to get what I am about to cover in this chapter, can you guess?

Yeah, you are dead right.

Today we will cover seven expressions you can use instead of the phrase ‘I like it’.

So without further ado, let’s get down to the business:

Infographic Presentation


Idiomatic Expression

It grew on me: It grew on me means that you didn’t like something when you first encountered it, but over time, you learned to like it.

Explanation: There are certain things which you don’t like at the first time, but when you keep doing it or using it, you start to like it. Let’s say your friend has a video game which he really likes, so he lends it to you for checking it out. And when you first play it, you don’t like it, but after playing for a while or some days, you start enjoying it. It is this situation when this idiomatic expression comes in handy and you can say something like this: “It grew on me.”

Example: The music CD you gave me last weekend grew on me.

Idiomatic Expression

I am fond of it: It means you have liked something for a long time or may have an emotional attachment to it.

Explanation: Use this when you wanna put weight on how much liking you have for a certain thing or a person.

Example: John is fond of his sports bike; he just can’t live even for a day without it.

Idiomatic Expression

It’s to my liking – It is a formal way of saying ‘I like it’.

Explanation: There are situations like a business meeting or applications where things are more formal and it is always a better option to go with formal vocabulary. Although using the phrase ‘I like it’ in formal situations is not at all wrong, but the above phrase fits better in the particular situation.

Example: Conferences every weekend is to my liking. It helps us bring up new ideas for upcoming projects.

Idiomatic Expression

I am addicted to it: It means when you like something so much that you can’t live even a day without it.

Explanation: We often use it for negative situations, but it’s not necessary that it has always to be used for negatives only. You can even get addicted to a music that you really like or be it any activity like exercising.

Example: I am addicted to rock concerts.

Idiomatic Expression

I am crazy about: It means you really follow and love something inside out.

Explanation: The expression changes from ‘I am crazy about’ to ‘I am mad about’, or ‘I am passionate about’ depending on person to person but they all mean the same. They all show your love and liking for a particular thing or a person.

Example: Emma is crazy about Hollywood movies.

Idiomatic Expression

It is an acquired taste: It means something that most of the people don’t like at first, but with time, they start to develop a liking for it.

Explanation: It is almost similar to ‘It has grown on me’, and people even get confused between their usages. But I have seen many examples and found out that ‘it is an acquired taste’ is used for a thing that not many people like at first, but they develop a liking for it with time. On the other hand, ‘it grew on me’ is used for something that you didn’t like at first but developed a liking with time.

Example: Beer is an acquired taste for him. He didn’t like it at first, but now he enjoys it.

Idiomatic Expression

It appeals to me: It is often used for ideas that you really like, though you can it other situations as well, depending on whether it fits there or not.

Example: Wearing black leather jackets on white T-shirt appeals to me.

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