7 ways to say “I dislike it” in English


7 ways to say ‘I dislike it’ in English

Do you like classic movies or songs?

Well, in case if you do, you now know how you can show your liking in seven different ways which I explained in this article- 7 ways to say ‘I like it’.

But if you are on the opposite side, I mean, if you don’t like classic movies or songs, you would often use only one phrase I don’t like it’ or ‘I dislike it’.

And I don’t think it’s fair to those who want to show their dislike for something.

After all everyone should have equal options to convey their feelings in different ways. It is, for this reason, I thought why not cover seven different ways to show your dislike.

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And today we will learn seven different ways to show your dislike for someone or something. So without further ado, let get down to the business:

Infographic Representation

Idiomatic Expression

  • It isn’t my thing
  • Explanation: When someone says it isn’t their thing, it means that it is something that they don’t enjoy or interests them.
  • Examples:
  • Soccer isn’t his thing. He is hardly passionate about the game.
  • A: Do wanna take part in this dance competition?
    B: Dance isn’t my thing.

Idiomatic Expression

  • I am not very fond of it
  • Explanation: It simply means that you don’t like it that much how most people do.
  • Examples:
  • I am not very fond of strawberries.
  • Emma is not very fond of candlelight dinners. She likes long rides.

Idiomatic Expression

  • I am not a fan of
  • Explanation: You can say that you are not a fan of something when you don’t like something much or dislike it.
  • Examples:
  • He is not a fan of classical music.
  • A: Do you wanna come along at today’s concert?
    B: I am not a big fan of this pop singer.

Idiomatic Expression

  • I am not into it
  • Explanation: When you are not into something, it means that you don’t like it.
  • Examples:
  • She is definitely not into you. You should stop trying hit on her now.
  • I am not into golf.

Idiomatic Expression

  • It isn’t my cup of tea
  • Explanation: It means that you don’t like it or you are not interested in it.
  • Examples:
  • Sand art isn’t my cup of tea.
  • A: Are you taking part in this race competition?
    B: It’s not a cup of my tea.

Idiomatic Expression

  • I detest doing it
  • Explanation: You should only use it when you hate doing something. It is a strong phrase, so you should be cautious while using it. I would rather advise you all not to use it in formal situations.
  • Examples:
  • I detest seeing him dance. He can’t even do a step properly and everybody calls him a dancer.
  • I detest when people come in without knocking the door.

Idiomatic Expression

  • I can’t stand
  • Explanation: You can use it when you dislike someone or something to an extent that you are unable to put up with it.
  • Examples:
  • I just can’t stand seeing Ron around me. He is such a show-off.
  • Robert can’t stand classical music at all.

How many of them did you already know?



Or more?

I hope you would have found this useful and easy to learn. Make sure you learn these all expressions off by heart and go through this article once again so they become a part of your active vocabulary.

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