7 Most Common ‘TIME’ Collocations you should know

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Almost every single person has taken it to account when it came to revealing their secret juice of success. With that being said, I guess you now have a good grasp of knowledge what we are about to dive into.

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Today we will learn about seven different ‘TIME’ collocations you should know and start using to improve your spoken English and vocabulary.

So without further ado, let’s get down to the business and use our ‘TIME’ learning some useful time collocations:


Time Collocation

Collocation- About time

Meaning:  In short it means ‘finally’. It is often used for something happening now that should have been done or happened earlier.
Example: It’s about time he decided he should buy a new bike and sell the old one.

Collocation- Make time for

Meaning: It means to create time from your busy schedule of work.
Example: I need to make time this weekend for taking my kid to play.

Collocation- Go through a rough time

Meaning: To experience a lot of problems in a period of your life.
Example: Sara has been going through some tough time after her break up with Harry.

Collocation- Stall for time

Meaning- To delay or procrastinate something for later.
Example: The students were trying to stall for time so they don’t have to give any test.

Collocation- Kill time

Meaning- To do something that keeps you busy while you are waiting for something else to happen.
Example: I killed time reading the magazines while waiting for the flights at the airport.

Collocation- Spend time

Meaning- To pass time doing some activity.
Example: He is spending time surfing the web these days.

Collocation- On time

Meaning: neither early nor late, at the right time.
Example: Though there was so much traffic in the way, we managed to reach the place on time.

How many of them did you know?



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