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Our blog members whom I often refer to as a ‘family’, is growing in numbers day in and out and that’s what keeps me going to do and write more.

I know some of you are a little disappointed with the decrease in frequency of blogs since the last month, but trust me my dear English learners, I try to do my best to bring out the best content for you guys which can add value to your vocabulary.

When I was a learner at beginner or intermediate level, I was a reader of many English learning websites. They were all quite good but the only downside which I used to experience after few months was that they start avoiding the main subject of the blog.

You see what I want to say is, if I write about something that has nothing to do with improving your spoken English or vocabulary, it will just go in vain in terms of adding value and make you just keep rambling around the bush. And since I want to bring out the best content, the content which genuinely adds value and improves your vocabulary, I sometimes take time.

Now I won’t deny it sometimes takes too long for a blog article to go live but the deal is, good things take a little time and I don’t want to waste your time with some topic or tips that has nothing to do improving spoken English and vocabulary.

Moreover, I am not going to lie to you, another reason why I cannot post these days is that I am continuously facing health problems from two months and it doesn’t feel like to do anything. However, if I do it deliberately, I won’t be able to bring out the best content for you all.

And I am pretty sure everyone has their own judgment and if you think it was my mistake- I am sorry.

Since there has been already so much judgment due to my absence in and out, it kind of gives me vibes why not learn to make some judgment or at least some collocations related to it.

So without further ado, let’s get down to the business:

6 Collocation related with Judgment

1: Judge someone harshly.

Meaning: to be very critical of someone for their actions.

Example: The panel judged it too harshly this time. It was just a small mistake.

2: Pass judgment on someone.

Meaning: to criticize someone.

Example: It is better he stops passing judgment on him or he could even get beaten by his fans.

3: Lack of judgment.

Meaning: inability to judge every aspect wisely.

Example: Principal left most of the students without even knowing inside out of the situation. It clearly shows his lack of judgment to solve issues.

4: Snap judgment.

Meaning: a quick decision or opinion

Example: It is better you stop making a snap judgment against such a reputable company else they can file a case against you.

5: An error of judgment.

Meaning: a bad decision

Example: Not including the key players in the final of the tournament showed his error of judgment.

6: Withhold judgment.

Meaning: to delay a decision for a period of time.

Example: The court has withheld the decisions until every detail is clear.

How many of the above did you know?


Or more?

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