10 Slang words you should start using

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10 Slang words you should start using

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It’s great then and I am so happy for you that you are doing great, but did you know that you used slang?

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I have observed that most of the non natives don’t know what slang are, and a few who know its meaning try to avoid using it. There is a common misconception that using slang makes you bad and people often associate ‘slangs’ with ‘vulgar slangs’. Vulgar slangs are definitely something that you should hardly use but when it comes to slangs, I don’t agree when people don’t wanna use them.

There is no doubt you are a gentlemen and don’t like using bad words, so before you permanent this perception in your mind, make sure you read this article thoroughly and then assess if you were correct or not.

What are slangs?

Slang is vocabulary that is used between people who belong to the same social group and who know each other well. Slang is very informal language. It can be offending if you use them in formal situations. People often use slangs to sound less formal and be friendlier in the conversation.

When not to use slang words?

You need to extra cautious while using them in your conversation for they can be offensive, depending on the situation and person to person. You won’t say to your boss something like ‘Hey dude!’ or ‘Chill out’ for the fact your boss is not your friend. You can definitely use them with your friends but not on people like your boss, teachers or principal. So I am leaving it on you now to use them carefully in informal situations only.

Why to use slang words?

Would you like talking to your friends the way you wrote a formal application to your principal?

Or would you say something like this-

Please let know about your views and decisions at your earliest convenience. I would really grateful to you.

I will be anxiously waiting for your reply sir.


Your name”

The answer is a big fat ‘NO’.

I guess 99.9% of you don’t speak to your friends in such a formal language.

And if you are among that 0.1%, sorry to say this article ends here for them, see you in next blog.

I guess you must be clear now with the concepts and use of slang and their meaning, so without further ado let’s see some of the most common English spoken slangs:

10 Slang words you should start using

Slang 1

Kudos – when I first heard this slang on internet, I kinda got baffled about its meaning and use. I immediately googled it and found that it is used for showing respect. It means ‘congrats’ and if I am not wrong, this slang originated from North America.


  • Kudos to all the team members for winning the trophy.
  • Kudos Ron! You beat the fastest runner of our collage.
Slang 2

Dig – Here the slang doesn’t mean to make a hole. It is used for something you really like. Frankly speaking, I love using this slang because it sounds so cool.


  •  Hey Emma, I really dig your black leather jacket.
  •  I think you would dig the quiz down at the bottom of this article.
Slang 3

Cool- Did you notice I used it above? I know you are smart and read everything so thoroughly. Though I don’t think so that there would be a single person who doesn’t know what it means, but in case if you don’t, it means ‘great’ or ‘fantastic’.


  • I think the latest song from this pop singer was quite cool.
  • You always look so cool when you wear all denim.
Slang 4

Tight- It is used when the competitors are quite close and there is just a minor difference.


  • It was tight competition, both fighters fought till end.
  •  The competition was quite tight, nobody knew who will win the race.
Slang 5

Creep – an unpleasant person. It is a bit offensive, make sure you use it wisely.


  •  John always talks bad behind your back. He is such a creep.
  •  Robin often crosses the line when hitting on girls and comes off as a creep.
Slang 6

Buck – another term for dollar.


  • I don’t have even a buck in my pocket right now.
  •  Do you remember you have to pay me $1000 which you borrowed a week ago?
Slang 7

Beat – The word beat has many meaning in dictionary. You hear ‘a team beats the other’ which means they won, or it is used when someone hits someone like in this example -‘My uncle was beating his dog’, and in some cases it means ‘shit’. But when it comes to slang world, the meaning completely changes. It is used to say when you are ‘completely exhausted’.


  • A: Are you coming at party tonight?

B: I am beat. I don’t think so.

  •  He looks beat. He has been working out for an hour.
Slang 8

Crikey – It is used as an exclamation of surprise.


  • A: I invested all saving in that business.

B: Crikey! Did you not leave even a single buck?

Slang 9

Cram – it means to study hard and learn all in a short period of time.


  • Students often cram the entire notes just before few days from exam.
  •  He kept ignoring his studies till now, he now has to cram the entire course within a month.
Slang 10

Amped – it means you are super excited about something.


I am amped for the season finale today.

Josh was so amped for his first international match.

How many of them did you already know?



Or more?

I am sure you would have learnt a lot from today’s article and added some of these slang words to your English vocabulary. Make sure you complete today’s exercise or quiz down at the bottom of this page so as to revise the entire chapter.

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