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Slangs cover almost 20 to 30 percent of native informal conversations. It is for this reason they should never be ignored in English learning process as they might void an important aspect of your informal conversation. In case you don’t know what they are and how to use them, make sure you check out the first part of this article where I talked about slangs in detail and when to use them- 10 slangs you should know.

Since they are so important, it kind of struck my mind to write the second part of it.

After all, they are so important.

So without further ado, let get down to the business and see some of the more commonly used slang in spoken English:

Infographic Representation

slang words

10 Slang words you should start using- Part 2

Slang- Blatant

Meaning: Something bad that is really obvious and intentional.


Slang- Smashing

Meaning: It is just another way of saying terrific or brilliant.


Slang- faff around

Meaning: to spend time doing things that are not important instead of the thing that you should be doing.


Slang- grub

Meaning: it is just another slang word for food.


Slang- splash out

Meaning: It means to spend money freely on things that are not so necessary.


Slang- Mate

Meaning- Another term for friend, pal or buddy.


Slang- cheerio

Meaning- used as an expression of good wishes on parting; goodbye.


Slang- Zonked

Meaning- To be extremely tired or exhausted.


Slang- Feel blue

Meaning: To feel sad or depressed.


Slang- hang out

Meaning: To casually gather together or spend time with someone in a social manner.



How many of them were new to you?

A few?

Or all?

I hope you would have liked the second part of this slang series.

Make sure you go through this article once again and take the quiz to analyse how far you have reached in improving your informal vocabulary. I will keep updating them from time to time in case you want more, but make sure you learn these all off by heart so they become your second nature.

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Let’s practice once again!

Since you learnt some new slang words today, let's test your knowledge of these slangs through this quiz.

Choose the most appropriate phrase among the given options and submit to check how far you have reached in improving your English vocabulary. Enjoy!

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